Friday, April 9, 2010

Popcorn Night(mare)
Scheldapen, Antwerpen, 13 Mar 2010

Dennis Tyfus' Ultra Eczema has this concept going on where they organize a night with the central theme being a song that a zillion of artists have covered. For example last year there was a La Bamba Night(mare). All the artists and DJ's performing that night had to play versions of La Bamba. This being a huge success, they decided to do it again this year with the song being Gershon Kingsleys classic 'Popcorn'. The place was again filled to the brim and we saw a range of insane, but nevertheless recognizable versions of the song passing by. We witnessed performances by DAAU, Circus Bulderdrang, Steven Tuffin and Michiel Van Cleuvenbergen, a bunch of horseheaded people on typewriters, Possessed Factory and a whole bunch of others.

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