Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mauro Pawlowski
Candelaershuys, Ukkel, 12 Feb 2009

About a year ago, we went to see Mauro Pawlowski in Ukkel. The place was pretty crowdy, but people gladfully payed attention to what was happening on stage. The set consisted of a lot of unreleased songs (mainly by Hitsville Drunks and Grooms), with the occasional cover thrown in.

Time to fall in love:

Stay inside:

Days to burn:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Franco Saint De Bakker
Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerpen, 5 Mar 2010

Last Friday Franco Saint De Bakker celebrated the release of their third (correct me if I'm wrong) cd with a concert in the Arenberg theatre. FSDB is Elko Blijweerts "it's-jazz-but-not-as-we-know-it-Jim"-orchestra,for those not in the know. And a fine gig it was! They played the perfect mix between older  and new songs and with the highly entertaining "Calvaire" (as featured in the movie of the same name) as a closing song, you can't go wrong. If you like your jazz blended with a healthy mix of afro-guitar, be sure to check out their latest cd (which is recorded live btw, like all their releases). But first, check out these clips!

Also sprach R2-D2:



Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elko Blijweert
Klappei, Borgerhout, 7 Feb 2009

Elko Blijweert has played with Daan Stuyven in Dead Man ray, with Rudy TrouvĂ© in Kiss My Jazz and these days he's in a whole range of bands like Franco Saint De Bakker, Tip Toe Topic, Pawlowski, Rudy TrouvĂ© Septet, Autistik Youth, Pink Flamingo Fusion Project, ... Here you can watch him doing one of his rare solo sets  in Klappei, a stones throw away from belcast headquarters. They have a returning 'theme' called "Keuze van de muzikant" where a musician chooses a movie that will be shown, followed by a small live set, often inspired by the movie.