Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pascal Deweze
Villanella, Antwerpen, 16 Oct 2010

A couple of weeks ago Villanella and Red Bull organized 'Red Bull Art Space / Studio Villanella' in the buildings that used to house Studio Herman Teirlinck. There were also a couple of concerts and Pascal Deweze of Sukilove (and Broken Glass Heroes) was one of the guys playing there. Here are a couple of songs from his set. First one is a Will Tura cover called 'In mijn droom', the second a Broken Glass Heroes song called 'Wild wild life'.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love Sarah
Trix, Antwerpen, 16 Sep 2010

I love Sarah played after Hoquets in Trix. It was a nice set with a couple of new songs alongside the classics. Check out 'De gokchinees', 'Dr Kellogg' and 'De witmof'.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trix, Antwerpen, 16 Sep 2010

If you ever need to explain Belgium to someone, you can safely send them to a gig of the band Hoquets. They have songs called '3 r├ęgions, 3 communaut├ęs', they can tell you everything about belgian Trappist beer ('L'abbaye d'Orval') and they even know a thing about locally produced biscuits ('Couque de Dinant')! They make their own instruments and thus sound completely original. I was thoroughly impressed by the string-bowing capabilities of the, err, guitar player (?).