Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eat Lions
De Knoet, Aarschot, 24 Apr 2010

And the main act of the evening was of course Eat Lions. They've been on a smallish tour sponsored by Absolut vodka, which took them to a couple of weird places.
What you must know:
- they lay their shit down hard
- they have two drummers, one of which you will think he is wearing a shirt but he isn't
- Tim only sings and occasionally plays a small keyboard
- Tim wears a jester-like outfit with a pointy hat
- Tim does crazy gymnastics
- they have a song whose clip you must see :  'Ancient Future'

Check some songs of the live performance:

Boston Tea Party
De Knoet, Aarschot, 24 Apr 2010

We went to see one of the gigs Tim Vanhamel has been doing with his new band Eat Lions. Support act was Boston Tea Party, a duet playing trashy garage songs. The girl does the bass drum sounds by stomping her feet on a wooden box. Their debut has been co-produced by Vanhamel and is out now. Check out some songs.