Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Creature with the atom brain
Scheld'apen, Antwerpen, 30 Apr 2008

Ever since Tim Vanhamels Millionaire has been on non-active, Aldo Struyfs (millionaire's guitar player) band Creature With The Atom Brain has been in the spotlight some more. They've played extensively (even abroad) and have evolved into a well-oiled (psychedelic?) rockmachine. Their latest cd has been released in the UK by Jezus Factory Records and have gotten quite some publicity there as well. They have three records by now. Do check out their first two vinyl releases as well: it's a mix of psychedelic tunes and heavy stoner-sounds.
They played at a local venue called Scheldapen a while ago. Watch the videos below.

A beautiful night and the city is sleeping:

Not a sect:

Park my car outside of the record store:

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